From Eprojecta we want to promote renewable energies by betting on solar energy, because it is an inexhaustible energy, available everywhere, safe, clean, sustainable and future.
Photovoltaic solar energy is the one that allows the generation of electricity through photons, light from the sun and is used in photovoltaic installations for self-consumption or photovoltaic installations isolated from the network. These installations have a performance between 75 and 83%.

At eProjecta, we have specialists technicians in photovoltaic energy that are responsible for calculating the energy requirements necessary to measure the photovoltaic installation, as well as describe and calculate the design and distribution of solar panels to generate energy for own consumption . We offer a secure procession of the entire administrative process in front of Department of Industry and Energy supply company; In this way we ensure that the legalization of the installation is carried out as quickly as possible and at the minimum costs for our customers.

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