The Battle of the Nations is an international historical championship, where medieval battles are carried out by teams. It was held for the first time in 2009 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and is celebrated in Europe every April.

It is a sporting contact competition using real metal weapons without a cut, and using a very strict regulation. The national teams compete with the foreign teams in several fights where only one winning team will remain.

EProjecta has been the technical office chosen by the international organization in charge of designing and legalizing the event, processing the necessary administrative permissions, doing a study of the environmental impact and security plans to ensure maximum security of the event and users.

BATTLE OF THE NATIONS displaced more than 2000 people during the celebration of the event held at Plaza de Toros Monumental de Barcelona, where more than 800 athletes from all over the world participated and where they could see different duels such as: duels with sword and brocade, duels with long sword and duels with sword and shield.

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