This last month of the year 2021 we have carried out a project to legalize the installation of a generator, which will be used as a supply of electrical installation works for a supermarket: the generator it contains, on the one hand, the engine and alternator that generate electricity from the fuel and, on the other hand, an electrical panel from which several CETAC sockets come out to which the electrical installation of the supermarket will be connected.

This electrical installation has been carried out in accordance with instruction ITC-BT-40 (Low Voltage Generating Installations) of the Low Voltage Electrical Regulations.
The type of installation of this generator is temporary and belongs to group "D" according to ITC-BT-04, therefore a project is needed for its legalization: the project is carried out in order to obtain the electricity and to inform the Industry Services of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The project defines all corrective measures, security and supporting calculations.

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